A New Culture of Trust
for Research Data Providers
and Consumers

For sellers
Connect, post research data, and begin earning in minutes. Our outreach brings targeted buyers to you.
For Buyers
Decentralized data sovereignty, privacy, authenticity and trust. Build your public reputation and reference others’ public reputations.
Datality resolves the problems with research data monetization, connecting buyers and sellers to safely transact data for value in a peer-to-peer decentralized market.

The World’s Sustainable Access to Research Data

Unmatched Buyer-Seller Ecosystems

Industry-leading ID Verification System (“KYC”)

Ratings and Reviews on Every Product and Participant

Transparency and Privacy through Blockchain

Safe, Simple Payments and Payouts in $USD or Crypto.

As Simple as it Gets

1. Post Data
2. Find Data

Free Market

No secret agreements, salespeople, or “Contact Us” forms.
Reputations and quality built on merit, not marketing.

Research Data Liquidity

Buy and sell in $USD or crypto with the world’s research data providers and research consumers, united.


Clint Taylor
Clint is Datality’s founder-investor, a 2x inventor including Datality’s simplified decentralized data marketplace, and a 25-year technology veteran whose creations are used in over 145 countries and translated into over 38 languages. Clint speaks worldwide on research technologies, blockchain in market research, and monetizing research data.
Valeriy Nemyrov
Marketing Leader
Valeriy has 13 years marketing experience with focus on building global B2B and B2C brands. From setting up an Innovation Incubator for Henkel Headquarters to Leading the Regional Brand Activations for 10 countries for British American Tobacco. Valeriy also has a vast Web3 footprint including ShapeShift, WallStreetBets, NEAR OWS and Datality.
Santiago Chamat
Legal & Data Protection
Mr. Chamat is a licensed attorney practicing international law from Switzerland, specializing in Data Privacy, Information Security, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Intellectual Property. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the NEAR Protocol Legal Guild, is a certified Data Protection Officer in the EU, and has assisted crafting the cryptocurrency policies of multiple EU nations.
Batyr Azimov
Platform Leader
Batyr is a serial entrepreneur from Ukraine who has built businesses in the energy sector, including the largest solar and wind farms in Europe, and subsequently tokenizing these renewables over the past several years. At the same time, Batyr drove go-to-market for platforms such as: Dego Finance (DEGO), Platincoin (PLC), PEAKDEFI (PEAK), PLC Ultima (PLCU), Beyond Protocol (BP), Stargate Finance (STG), Elitium (EUM), Spyrit (SPYRIT). Batyr implements all his accumulated experience and vision in Datality.
Nicolai Melniciuc
Partnerships & Collaboration Leader
Nicolai is the strategy executor, responsible for relations with partners and outbound outreach. He has experience working in DAOs and private web3 companies in different growth roles. He is a consummate over-achiever focused on creating relationships, mutual value and win-win situations.
Jamin Brazil
Advisor, Market Research Industry
Jamin Brazil is a lifelong innovator in the Market Research industry and a critical advisor to Datality. Jamin is Founder & Podcaster of the industry-leading HappyMR Podcast with over 500 Episodes and Hundreds of Guests. He is the former CEO of Decipher, a research technology platform used by over 75% of the Fortune 100 that was acquired by FocusVision in 2015.

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