Sell and Buy Research Data
with Less Time, Less Cost,
and Less Risk

For sellers
5-8% in transaction fees, not 10-20%.
Sign up and begin selling in 5 minutes, not days waiting for a third party approval.
Get paid in minutes, not weeks.
Don’t pay in advance; list products for free.
For Buyers
Access global research data publishers,
not just a tiny fraction through a single party.
Work directly with researchers, not salespeople.
Pay in $USD or major cryptocurrencies, not mysterious altcoins.
Datality directly unites research data publishers and research data consumers with safety and trust, saving everyone time, money and risk in every transaction.

Global Peer-to-peer Research Data Markets Never Seen Before

The Most Valuable Buyer-Seller Ecosystems

Escrow Payment Systems Protect Everyone

Ratings and Reviews on Every Transaction

Unmatched Transparency and Trust through Blockchain

Safe Payments and Payouts in $USD or Crypto

As Simple as it Gets

1. Post Data in minutes
2. Find Data in Seconds

Free Market

Access the true global market of global research data publishers.
No secret agreements, salespeople, or “Contact Us” forms.

Immediate Payments and Payouts

Buy and sell in $USD or crypto with the world’s research data publishers and research consumers, directly.


Clint Taylor
Clint is Datality’s founder-investor, a 2x inventor including Datality’s simplified decentralized data marketplace, and a 25-year technology veteran whose creations are used in over 145 countries and translated into over 38 languages. Clint speaks worldwide on research technologies, blockchain in market research, and monetizing research data.
Sean Doherty
Chief Financial Officer
Sean has over 15 years’ experience working in senior finance leadership roles within the technology sector. His responsibilities have included everything from financial planning and analysis, to fund raising, to leading a $25M IPO to the NASDAQ. He has been the CFO of companies across the spectrum, from public technology companies to the private defense security industry.
Valeriy Nemyrov
Marketing Leader
Valeriy has 13 years marketing experience with focus on building global B2B and B2C brands. From setting up an Innovation Incubator for Henkel Headquarters to Leading the Regional Brand Activations for 10 countries for British American Tobacco. Valeriy also has a vast Web3 footprint including ShapeShift, WallStreetBets, NEAR OWS and Datality.
Nicolai Melniciuc
Partnerships & Collaboration Leader
Nicolai is the strategy executor, responsible for relations with partners and outbound outreach. He has experience working in DAOs and private web3 companies in different growth roles. He is a consummate over-achiever focused on creating relationships, mutual value and win-win situations.
Nicole Flaig
Product Management Office
Nicole is a classically-trained neuroscientist and a career research professional in industries spanning science, technology, defense, education, consumer insights, cybersecurity, and logistics. A certified PMP, Nicole brings her exceptional experience with the business of research to lead our Product Management Office and apply structure to how we shape and evolve the Datality marketplace and its ecosystems.
Jamin Brazil
Advisor, Market Research Industry
Jamin Brazil is a lifelong innovator in the Market Research industry and a critical advisor to Datality. Jamin is Founder & Podcaster of the industry-leading HappyMR Podcast with over 500 Episodes and Hundreds of Guests. He is the former CEO of Decipher, a research technology platform used by over 75% of the Fortune 100 that was acquired by FocusVision in 2015.

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