The Datality marketplace makes the world’s
research data available to everyone, from anyone.

Global Peer-to-peer Research Data Markets Never Seen Before

Unmatched Buyer-Seller Ecosystems

Escrow Payment Systems Protect Everyone

Ratings and Reviews on Every Transaction

Patented Decentralized Transparency and Trust

No Holding Period for Payments and Payouts

Post data. Accept offers. Receive payouts.
Make offers. Receive delivery. Approve data.
Datality handles the rest.

As Simple as it Gets

1. Post Data in minutes
2. Find Data in Seconds

Free Market

The full global market of professional research data providers.
No markups, secret agreements, salespeople, or “Contact Us” forms.

Immediate Payments and Payouts

Buy and sell directly. No waiting. No lengthy commitments baiting you.

For sellers
10% transaction fees, not 20-50%.
Get selling in 5 minutes, not hours to days.
Get paid in minutes, not weeks.
Zero upfront costs.
For Buyers
Zero commitment.
Buy from researchers, not salespeople.
The global data market,
not a corporate hand-picked fraction.


Clint Taylor
Founder, CEO
Clint is Datality’s founder-investor, a 2x inventor including Datality’s simplified decentralized data marketplace, and a 25-year technology veteran whose creations are used in over 145 countries and translated into over 38 languages. Clint speaks worldwide on research technologies, blockchain in market research, and monetizing research data.
Dwight Griesman
Chief Marketing Officer
Dwight is former CMO at Forrester Research and Radius, bringing to Datality decades of world-class brand building, communications, leadership, and marketing strategy. His formula for success applies analytic rigor with entrepreneurial energy and principles, with triumphs in industries such as SaaS, syndicated research, marketing research, multinational corporate expansion and more.
Sean Doherty
Chief Financial Officer
Sean has over 15 years’ experience working in senior finance leadership roles within the technology sector. His responsibilities have included everything from financial planning and analysis, to fund raising, to leading a $25M IPO to the NASDAQ. He has been the CFO of companies across the spectrum, from public technology companies to the private defense security industry.
Todd Dyer
Customer Success
Todd brings an impeccable 15+ year track record leading global enterprise Customer Success, recently at Oracle and Dyn for their managed DNS SaaS platforms fielding hundreds of thousands of customer touchpoints annually. Todd sets the foundation for Datality Customer Success as a game-changing asset in the peer-to-peer research data markets space.
Proud member of organizations for quality research